Data Mine Table

While living and working in China, I became fascinated by the country’s remarkable ceramics traditions and growing ceramic industry. For this exhibition the medium of Ceramics plays a lead role in a narrative about history, tradition, globalization, and developments brought about through technological change. As such, this stage is fraught with contradictions: I have brought together many seemingly disparate objects and techniques in an attempt to reveal a tapestry of histories and to challenge our notion of value in the 21st century. How do industrial scraps measure up against fragments of Yi Xing teaware? How might the history and traditions of the hand-made influence the digitally fabricated and vice-versa?
1. Data Mine Table - Grid-flat.jpg
Digitally fabricated models, Qing Dynasty ceramic shards, kiln-wall scrap, Recycled Aluminum with Coal, Plaster, dyed feathers, and Refractory Ceramics. Steel stand with CNC milled table-top (various plywood and laminates), 46”h x 70”w x 36”d, 17th Century – 2014